Riley Mitchel's been wanting to get it on with his trainer for months, now. At first, Dillon Diaz said no, but Riley can be persuasive when it comes to sexual rewards. Gradually, he wore down Dillon's resistance, until the muscle hunk eventually said yes. The only problem was that neither of them had a place, and since they wanted their hook-up to be spontaneous, they left it unplanned. And today, halfway through a 5K run, Riley got his wish. In the middle of the desert, with no one around for miles, they stopped suddenly and took turns sucking each other. And, yeah. They almost got caught. But that only made their risky encounter that much more exciting. With their pulse racing, and hearts beating fast, Riley bent over and offered up his big muscled ass. Dillon slid home, bareback fucked his muscle hunk bottom, and shot a hefty load all over Riley's ass.

Featuring:  Dillon Diaz, Riley Mitchel
Release Date: 06/25/2020
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